Help for start up businesses

The media has been full of news about the extended government Start Ups scheme, chaired by James Caan and aimed at supporting entrepreneurs in setting up their own businesses.

It’s a positive step in what is still said to be a gloomy economy, and the extension of the age range to 30 rather than 24 years old has certainly provided an additional news hook to promote the scheme.

Apparently only £1.5m from the ‘pot’ has been loaned so far – and there is now £112m to lend. Granted, the money shouldn’t all be doled out too quickly but the media reports do state that only 3,000 people have actually applied for the loans so far. If they are to meet the target then almost 45,000 entrepreneurs will have to take out a loan…. some way to go!

It’s great that something is being offered but perhaps the public is still a little cautious. Setting up a company of any sort is a daunting prospect, and one only undertaken when all the ducks are in a row – both in life stage and in finances.

Not that I would call myself an entrepreneur! – but to me, setting up on my own seemed a logical step after my second child – with 16 years’ PR experience under my belt I figured I could offer my own clients a bespoke service that worked for us all – taking a bit of best practice from each of the agencies I’ve been lucky enough to work with.

It’ll be great to hear about the success stories from this scheme (I’m sure the PR machines are whirring right now to get some of these case studies together as soon as possible). Whether people see it as government attempts at winning over young voters or a genuine desire to help people work, the result is that help is being offered, through financial loans and business advice. Surely this can only be viewed as a positive.

What a shame – I’m JUST past the age threshold (ahem….).

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