Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is a campaign that sees people pour iced water over themselves, posting their videos and images to social media, then challenging others to then do the same.

If the nominee doesn’t complete the challenge within the set timeframe, they have to donate money to charity, in this case the ALS Association in the US (motor neurone disease, as it’s known in the UK).

With a whole host of celebrities from music, film and even politics now joining in in (Obama opted to donate rather than get a soaking), this campaign quickly spread from social media to mainstream media all over the world. Apparently over $4m has now been raised in a matter of weeks: a huge feat.

The campaign works because of its great viral nature – talk about good visual content! – but it also has a genuine message and a simple call to action that is easily passed on.

With so many horrendous social media challenges being reported on over the last year, this is one that has had a huge impact – in the right way.

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