London, Baby!

A trip to London just before Christmas was a great reminder of what a fabulous capital city we have.

I’ve been lucky enough to be invited on a fantastic consumer PR opportunity (darling) so zipped down to meet the team to get a feel for the brief and to start the ball rolling.

It’s been almost six years since I moved from London to Cheshire and while I often go to visit friends, that usually means staying where they live and using the time to catch up. (And drink.) A business trip is different and means I can take in the sights.

Kings Cross station is awesome. It used to be such a dump and now it’s a stunning way to welcome visitors in by train – the surrounding area is buzzing with optimism and it was a great feeling to be there.

And crossing the river and taking in the view of Tower Bridge and all the new buildings is just amazing. Many a time when the tubes were down I resented walking over that bridge in the morning but I don’t think many cities have such a good view down their waterways.

Don’t get me wrong Manchester, I do love you! But the fact that I might need to travel to London to see PR clients and media contacts, as well as work with great companies here in the northwest, is brilliant. Best of both worlds.

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