The word ‘mumpreneur’, which supposedly gives mothers in business a positive identity, is suffering a bit of a backlash. As with most terms that define demographic groups in society (think Babyboomer, Yuppie, Nimby, WAG), it’s a term that has been used to saturation point in the media.

The women it’s supposed to describe seem divided in opinion but most seem to err on the side of ‘no’: while it’s provided a community for many professional women who have started up businesses, others complain that you don’t hear the term ‘dadpreneur’. Technically, I’m a ‘mumpreneur’, having two kids and running my own business. But as my business is nothing to do with children, I rarely mention them to my clients and I certainly don’t use my role as a mother to sell myself in business – just as I don’t use my position in PR to endear myself to my children!

So perhaps it’s time to move onto the next word. In the same way that my own Generation X moved aside for Generation Y and then Millennials moved in, Mumpreneur could soon give way to another term for the media to use, which is a little more popular when describing people and their multiple roles.

The question is, what about the sites, blogs and networking groups that use the term? Is it time for them to rebrand?



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