• Picture power in PR
    5 September, 2019
    This week has seen a certain image take over traditional and social media. I’m not sharing it, as I don’t want it on my site! ...
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  • Image for 7 reasons why you should hire a freelancers
    7 reasons why you should hire a...
    5 August, 2019
    Working as a PR freelancer There are 86,000 people working in PR and comms in the UK*, so if you’re a business looking to raise ...
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  • New home interest client Tile By Tile
    New home interest client
    29 July, 2019
    Imagery of the owners of new PR client, Tile By Tile A recent addition to my portfolio of home interest PR clients is Tile By ...
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  • Business profile PR image for client Jane Gokgoz of PGS
    Business profile placement
    13 June, 2018
    I'm helping to promote Personalised Gifts Shop, the online retail business. Owner Jane Gokgoz asked me to look at business profile ...
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  • PR support for Cheshire and Warrington Business Growth Programme
    Telling the stories of SMEs
    14 May, 2018
    Startups, SMEs and new businesses in the northwest are being offered a range of workshops and masterclasses as part of the ERDF-funded ...
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