A big event like the World Cup usually provides a good PR opportunity – and for client Duck Tape, it’s meant the chance to promote all the colours in the range, as well as the craft potential of the product. We’ve teamed up with eight craft and parenting bloggers, each of whom have been given a group in the football tournament and sent coloured Duck Tape to match the flags of the countries in their group. They’ve been making shakers, rattles, bunting, flags and even a World Cup trophy, and sharing their creations through their blogs and social media platforms. It’s a bit of a sweepstake as well – the blogger whose group includes the team that wins the tournament will receive some yet-to-launch patterned and coloured Duck Tape as well as some other craft goodies, to keep, or giveaway on their blogs. It’s a simple premise but one that works really well – social media has been huge in the rise in popularity of Duck Tape here in the UK and while we’re working with traditional media as well, it’s something we’re keen to continue as the brand develops.

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