The launch of Marie Curie Cancer Care Etape Mercia

A wet, windy and pretty flipping freezing day this week saw a crew of marketeers and sportspeople standing at the top of Beeston Castle in Cheshire. Fabulous views but not the most sheltered of spots!

All in a good cause of course, as we were taking pictures of the lovely Dame Sarah Storey, Olympic cyclist, and cute local footballer Ben Mills of Chester FC, to promote the Marie Curie Cancer Care Etape Series, which is coming to the north west for the first time this summer.

The weather wasn’t on our side but Sarah and Ben were great sports (well they would be, really) and we got some good pictures and video footage to supplement a round of media interviews.

The Etape Series is run by IMG Challenger World, the mass participation sport division of IMG World – the global sport, fashion and media company. There are already hugely successful events in the North East of England and Scotland and I’ve been brought on board as the northwest PR to promote the event to the consumer audience in this region.

The 69 mile closed road event on 18 August is going to take in some pretty stunning scenery throughout Cheshire and is of course raising money for a very worthwhile cause. And it is classed as an entry level event so anyone can enter. Maybe it’s finally time for me to start actually doing some sport, as well as promoting it……

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