September - a time for a reset

The Great September Reset

Have you made your September resolutions yet? 

It’s not the new year, but for me, it’s the perfect time to make them. Way better than January.

I think it’s a hangover from the new academic year: I used to love buying a new pencil case and stationery at the end of the Summer holidays and getting ready for a new class. The start of the new school term was a time of possibility and promises to do well (not sure those promises were always kept but the intentions were there!).

This term calendar is ingrained in all of us from nursery age through to at least 16, and if we now have kids ourselves, then it still is. It means that we are naturally inclined to reset, refresh and refocus, especially if we’ve been lucky enough to have a holiday.

Since setting up as a PR freelancer in 2012 I’ve always worked through my holidays, but this year, I completely switched off. My clients could reach me, but I spoke to them all before heading away for some sun and they all agreed it was fine – essential in fact – to have a couple of weeks off. I ensured all activities were up to date before going so that I could truly relax and enjoy quality family time. It meant that as the holiday ended and I started looking ahead to the next few months, I had time to consider how things might look for the next 12 months for my business, and think about things I would like to achieve, with a clear head and a more creative approach.

Yes, some of my September resolutions are about getting more active and exercising away the summer excesses, but it’s mostly to do with work. I’ve already updated all my media lists, bought new stationery, cleared out my desk, done all my filing and even bought a new plant for the office. I’ve spent a good few quiet days making sure all PR plans are up to date and looking at additional opportunities for clients. Summer always seems to bring new clients on board and this year has been no exception (hurrah!), so I’ve recalibrated my working calendar and ensured everything is set for the coming months. 

It feels good. And for me, it feels right. I’m not alone – a recent feature in Metro pointed out that ‘September is the new January’, particularly when it comes to work resolutions. The key, apparently is to write your goals down, make them achievable, set goals that can be measured and set a timeline. 

So that’s what I’ve done. It feels great! The only thing left is to start blogging again. Oh, wait……